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Setai offers you the best solutions to calculate and communicate the climate impact of your food products.

What we do

Did you know that the food industry is responsible for one third of all CO2 emissions?

Setai calculates the greenhouse gas emissions released to produce food, from the agricultural stage to the shelf. With carbon footprint information at your disposal, we will help you communicate this effectively.

Food manufacturers and retailers

Enhance your product

With Setai you can calculate the climate impact of your product and indicate the result directly on the label.

Communicate your commitment to the environment!

restaurant owners

Is your menu truly green?

Enrich your menu with clear information on the carbon emissions generated by your dishes.

We help you create new climate-friendly dishes.

Why communicate a product’s carbon footprint?

Consumers prefer eco-friendly products

• 7 out of 10 Europeans would like more information on the sustainability of products.

• 82% of Italians are in favour of carbon labels. Driven by this trend, more and more companies are committing to net zero emissions

co2 Cos’è la carbon footprint?

Trust the experts

We collaborate with environmental experts and international organisations to deliver results you can count on.

Our database on the carbon footprint of food ingredients is based on over 2,000 scientific studies.

For our analyses, we only follow established scientific practices based on the most advanced standards.


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    what is the carbon footprint?

    The carbon footprint or CO2 equivalent measures the amount of greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere by a given production process.

    Greenhouse gases such as nitrous oxide released by fertilisers or methane produced by livestock are the main contributors to climate change.