The food industry is responsible for more than 1/4th of our carbon emissions.

65% of British people say that they lack information to take sustainable decisions in their daily lives.

At Setai, we want to change that, and we believe that every choice makes a difference.

By giving you clear, accurate and transparent information, Setai tells you exactly what you need to know to make the best choice – nothing more, nothing less.

For the first time ever, know the impact of your groceries:

On the planet, thanks to a CO2 score and equivalents

On your health, with a precise Health Score

The most environmentally friendly products are also the healthiest.

The good news is: saving the planet will also save your health!

When you shop, Setai calculates your grocery basket’s overall CO2 and Health Score.

You can also keep track of your weekly, monthly and yearly scores to monitor your progress.

Our Team


Edoardo brings his experience in analysing dozens of Food & Beverage companies across Europe, from Milan to London. He never cracks under pressure. He loves numbers, and long walks in the mountains as well. When he’s not totally absorbed in Setai, he is a big football, snowboarding and chess fan. He is also crazy enough to think people have the power to change the world.

Distinguishing mark: he has the most annoying sneeze in the world.


Andrea’s passion for food drove him to be a buyer for the retail industry, living in Milan, Copenhagen and Minneapolis. He’s a committed feminist. A decent problem solver, controversial but kindhearted. Drawing is what he does worst. Organizing what he does best. He doesn’t get along with labels and social conventions. He loves nature, tech and all that is new and unexplored.

Distinguishing mark: any food you can think of, he is allergic to.

Our Partner

Scientific Partner

eAmbiente is one of the leading Italian environmental consulting and engineering firms. eAmbiente has more than 20 years of experience in carbon footprint and Life-Cyle Assessment. The company’s mission is to minimize the impact of human activities on the planet.